Become a partner with Hameir Laarets
to spread the teachings of Rabbi Yoram Michael Abargel Zt”l
around the world

of 50,000,000 ILS 74%

אלון אדלר

1500 ₪

אביבה וקנין

200 ₪

גזרות טובות להצלחת עם ישראל תורת ישראל חיילי ישראל גאולה שלמה ברחמים להצלחת ילדיי בתורה שלום ושלווה

שלומי שרוקה

3600 ₪

הצלחה בעסקים וזיווג הגון, רפואה שלמה וחזרה בתשובה - שלומי בן סטלה

יוסף מימון

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יואל בר אילן

180 ₪

להצלת החטופים והצלחה בלימודים


100 ₪

לזיווג הגון ופרנסה בשפע

אביחי ינון מלכה

180 ₪

לשלום בית , זרע של קיימה , הצלחה בכל מה שנעשה , לחזרה בתשובה , ולמען כל עם ישראל לגאולה שלמה בקרוב ורפואה שלימה

ניר כהן

50 ₪


“Make Me a Temple and I will dwell in them”

(Shemot 25:8)

A quick word on the magnitude of the mission that rests on our shoulders at this moment.


The Mishkan built by Moshe Rabbeinu was constructed with the donations of Am Israel. Within two days, Bnei Israel happily and quickly donated everything needed to make the Mishkan, and by the power of their pure kindness, a home was built for which Hashem’s divine presence could dwell. Due to their actions, they merited a part in Hashem’s home forever and ever.

In contrast to the quickness of Am Israel, there was the laziness of the leaders of the tribes who delayed and didn’t contribute together with everyone and therefore had no part in building the Mishkan!

We are standing in the last days before the end of the fundraising for the construction of our Mishkan, “Beit HaRav Yoram,” which will be a beautiful Mishkan in which Hashem will be able to bestow His divine presence. A beacon for the spiritual guiding light of the Torah and teaching of Rabbi Yoram Michael Abargel, which will be spread throughout the entire world. A Torah that redeems the learner from their private exile and prepares the whole world for its general redemption with mercy and kindness.

“Beit HaRav Yoram” will contain a magnificent synagogue with 700 seats and a women’s section with 400 seats. It will also include a Kollel for Dayanim who will be proficient in every area of the Torah in order to be certified to build communities around the world, the “Hameir Laarets” Institute for the dissemination of the light and teachings of Rabbi Yoram Abargel zt”l, an elegant and cutting-edge mikvah, and much more.

This is the time when Hashem expects us all to donate generously as Am Israel did in the desert, to take part and bring about the mass mobilization of tens of thousands of Jews who will join in and ensure that they have a part in the building of this wonderful home for Hashem.

This is the opportunity for each and every one of us, admirers of Rabbi Yoram and those who cherish his memory, to come and to strive with all our hearts and souls for the success of this campaign, to recruit from our families, friends, acquaintances, and as many donors as possible who will have the merit to be part of this holy Mishkan for Hashem. G-d forbid should we be complacent at this critical and fateful hour!

In particular, the main connection to tzaddikim after their death is by spreading their light and teachings, and a tzaddik never remains indebted to those who are connected to him… This is the time we must prove to the tzaddik how much we are connected to him and his teachings.

This is what HaRav Yoram zt”l wrote in his book Imrei Noam…

A true tzaddik accompanies his disciples even after his death and guards them in an extraordinary way. Someone who’s been privileged to be connected with a tzaddik has protection from heaven no matter where they are. But we should remember that the degree of protection someone receives from a tzaddik is in direct correlation to the degree they’re connected to him…

Who among us isn’t in need of protection at a time like this? Who’s willing to pass up the promise given by Rabbi Yoram before his passing that he will continue protecting us no matter where we are?

For that reason, we must all come together and happily recruit for the cause brought about by Rabbi Yoram’s son, Rabbi Israel Abargel Shlita, who cried out from the bottom of his heart…

“Whoever is with Hashem, come with me!!!” – (Shemot 32:26)